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Emergency Executive Board Meeting - January 21, 2016


JANUARY 21, 2016




Call to order 3:55 pm


Discussion –

•        AFT Legislative Conference is Saturday, February 6, 2016.  Register on the website.

•        Medication – (dispensing) contractually we are not obligated to do this and encourage our members not to dispense any medications, even though we are held harmless by state law.

•        Union will continue to support a teacher from Microsociety (now WRock Author’s Academy) that has resigned in lieu of termination but is going to court to fight the DCF substantiation which led to his resignation.

o        Motion to support this legal challenge with AFT attorney not to exceed $5000 – 2nd – amended to no cap on fees (open ended financial commitment) 2nd and denied upon Exec Bd vote.

o        Motion to support this legal challenge with AFT Attorney not to exceed $5000 and for Exec Bd to receive a report on status if financial commitment will exceed $500. Update from attorney and a financial cap at $5000– 2nd and passed.

Barnard – Next steps –

•        Dave had met with the Superintendent and he is well aware of the issues at the school. 

•        Letters from the staff – incident reports, climate concerns and culture will be submitted by Dave to the Superintendent.  If no action is taken by February 2nd the Executive Board will consider a vote of no confidence or possible Board of Ed rally.


SAA Complaint – Dave and Tom will be interviewed by Board of Ed investigator (lawyer) week of January 25th.  All Executive Board members have rallied to support Dave and Tom and are willing to be interviewed or write letters of support on their behalf.  Grievance will be filed on their behalf.


Attendance Letter – All Executive Board members have heard from colleagues that are upset over the tone and content of the letter.  The NHFT will respond in writing to HR. We will gather input from the stewards prior to responding.


Motion to adjourn 5:45.