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Executive Board April 6, 2021

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

April 6, 2021

Present- D. Cicarella, P. Delucia, M. Solli, M. Pantaleo, M. Gallagher, J. Leach, R. Pompano, M. Mazzacane, O. Hernandez, T. Harris, J. Roth, A. Meadows, I. Festa, D. Ortiz, J.P. Wilson, J. Gonzalez, K. Wetmore, J. Steele, K. Distante, M. Maloney, M. Soares, E. Epps, P. Stricker, T. Criscuolo, K. Hopes-McFadden, J. Graves, C. Heiter, D. Low, M. Pavano, R. Thomas, R. Augustine


1. Call to order at 3:50pm




2. Motion to accept minutes from March meeting. Minutes are accepted unanimously.



3. New Business


· DOL--The Burns’s NHFT election protest was declined by the DOL in 2019, but AFT ordered a rerun of the general election of 2018 in order to have members (27 members of subchapters nurses and private school teachers) who were not mailed ballots. AFT found Burns to be guilty of extortion and was ruled ineligible to run for or be appointed to any NHFT office.

A second rerun election of the NHFT General Election of 2018 has been ordered due to a defect in the notification of that investigatory hearing by AFT. The second rerun will be supervised by the DOL.


AFT has filed a motion to vacate the court order as they are in disagreement of the court’s findings. However, the rerun will occur regardless but only for the president’s office.



An elections committee needs to be recommended by the NHFT President and then approved by the Eboard. The NHFT trustees will certify the election once it’s completed.


Dave is asking the Eboard to approve Breanna Evans as chair, Anthony Sacco and Dr. Michelle Bogart as members of the Elections Committee.


Dave asked for a letter from DOL Boston to explain the disposition of the case and the decision to have a new election for president so our members will understand the circumstances and what will occur. This is being done so NHFT members have a first hand explanation directly from the DOL.


A motion was made to put forth Breanna Evans as chair, with Dr. Michelle Bogart and Anthony Sacco as Elections Committee Members.


The motion passes unanimously with one abstention.


In terms of the investigatory hearing, AFT-National will select three new Vice Presidents to re-hear Tom Burns’s case. Burns will be properly notified with greater specificity regarding the charges and potential outcomes. The notification will strictly follow DOL guidelines.


Our NHFT bylaws state that disputes among and between members are to be resolved by the NHFT Trustees, but in this case for consistency and clarity, the NHFT Executive Board has voted to authorize the AFT National Executive Council to conduct a hearing of the dispute between Cicarella and Burns and to do so in the same format, with the additional notification as required by the DOL.


It should be noted that the motion to defer the investigation to AFT National was made and discussed and passed with unanimous approval of the voting members of the NHFT. The President (Dave Cicarella), Chief Steward (Marianne Maloney) and five (5)Trustees did not vote per our by-laws.




Not every single person received the same letter from HR, but many received a letter indicating a return to work was expected on April 26. The Executive Board agreed clarity is needed so those that cannot be vaccinated(for example) and others, know the procedure to request a new ADA accommodation or extend the one presently in place.




· Survey Codes


Dr. Baker is in charge of the survey and it was not certain as to the anonymity of the survey. NHFT is going to ask for a one-time use code to protect anonymity.


· Wilbur Cross MOUs

o Covering classes -teachers will be paid at the NHFT contract rate and requests for teachers will be on a rotation beyond their normal classroom duties and only for the pandemic.


o Teaching additional classes

In accordance with our past practice under Dave’s presidency, teachers agreeing to teach a class(es) beyond the NHFT contract are paid a stipend that is mutually agreement upon by the teachers, the NHFT, and central office. Two more MOU’s have been agreed to for high school teachers for quartile 4.


Grading Committee-. The NHFT needs 3 teachers to serve on the grading committee. Requests have been made to various teachers.







4. Committee Reports


Finance--no requests for donations, and we’ll table the report for this month and have a more detailed report for the May meeting featuring Quickbooks to have full line items on various items. The treasurer reports we’re current on our per capita payments.


Grievance--we have an agreement on the COOP grievance to be settled outside arbitration. All of the NHFT’s requests have been agreed to.


PreK 12- much activity around legislature; the state would like to establish a long term remote statewide remote system. How does athletics look and who would determine access and re-entry to the home district? Will students prefer to stay home if permitted too?


Meriden and New Haven are the models for SEED and the state is trying to ask for a continuation of not assigning a summative rating even after this year and to be collegial and more teamwork-oriented.


Security--Security did not meet this month.



5. Old Business


Masks--surgical masks and N95s are available at the NHFT office. Pelase call if needed


Calendar--Templates have been reviewed by the committee and soon we’ll send out a vote.


Anthem--Anthem will roll back the copay to $15 for mental health and some will receive a credit if overcharged.



The NHFT will address the HR email requesting the return to work for those 250 or so with ADA accommodations.


Discussion of proper social distancing at 3 feet and other mitigations must also be in place. For eating with masks off there must be six feet spacing.


Comments around notifying teachers when a student is sent out for Covid.

Dr. Whyte will be notified as to the updates around Covid responses.


Questions and discussion around possible advisories on travel for parents and students as well as for teachers.


Questions and discussion around lack of nurses in buildings.


Eric Patchkofsky will give answers to Dave and Pat explaining what happens when students need contract tracing or when teachers have been exposed.



6. Adjournment at 5:25pm