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Executive Board February 5, 2019

Executive Board

Meeting Minutes



  1. Call to order
    • David Cicarella called to order the regular meeting of the Executive Board at 3:50 pm


11.    Motion to accept minutes from January 8th, 2018

  • Meeting minutes accepted


111.  Motion accepted to move budget review to the top of the agenda

  • End of the year report discussed and reviewed
  • Changes made are the elimination of service fees for teachers due to Supreme Court Janus decision.

And the mortgage payments from CLC are paid in full as of December 2018.

  • The budget was finalized with a 1.26% deficit which puts us in good standing.  Anything within 4% either way excellent.
  • The End of the Year report for 2018 was voted on and passed
  • Estimated budget for this year (2019) reviewed, voted on and passed.


1V.  Committee Reports

  • Finance:  Request for Wilbur Cross Golf donation was requested and approved
  • Treasurer: Report was given with End of the Year reports
  • PreK-12:  Meeting cancelled, nothing to report
  • Security:  No report given (security meeting to be held tomorrow, report due next Exec Bd meeting)
  • Grievance: 3 cases pending, one case is going to arbitrator.


V. New Business

  • Pat reported on the AFT/CT conference.  It was stated that personal emails over letters with multiple signatures carry much more weight in impacting change to our state legislators (senators and representatives)
  • There is a Regional Legislative Meeting March 23rd from 9-11 at Eli’s in Branford.
  • The board is looking for someone to attend the Parent Teacher Network Conference February 12th from 5-7pm.
  • The Election Committee will be meeting to discuss Tom Burns’s email with requests regarding the past election to decide if he will move forward.
  • Staffing model was discussed in regards to the fact that the model is looking at each school and deciding what staff they could/could not live without.  They will then look at transfers and alternate placements. There has been no discussion of the numbers of teachers to potentially be reduced at any particular building nor has any specific teacher or dept been determined. Rumors and misinformation continue to circulate.


V1. Old Business

  • Committee sign ups look good; still need some members in labor, legislative, publications and committee affairs.


V11. Adjournment

  • David Cicarella adjourned the meeting at 5:30pm