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Executive Board June 4, 2019

Executive Board

Meeting Minutes



  1. Call to order
    • David Cicarella called to order the regular meeting of the Executive Board at 3:52 pm


  1. Motion to accept minutes from May 7th, 2019
    • Meeting minutes accepted



  111.   Committee Reports

  • Finance:  It was requested that the NHFT Scholarship Fund be allowed to award at least one candidate from each of the 6 high schools that submitted candidates.  Then the 4 additional candidates would be chosen based on merit.  This was agreed upon unanimously.

1V. Motion to suspend all old business to have time for pressing issues

  • Motion to suspend old business was unanimously agreed upon

V1. New Business

  • On Sunday June 9th at Career High School, The New Haven Scholarship Fund would like union representation; if anyone is interested in attending they should contact Dave Cicarella.
  • 250 NHPS employees will be receiving an award for excellent attendance this year
  • 1st Item to address:
  1. How do we find an alternative to the elimination of 52 teachers?  How many teachers have been reduced and how many administrators? How do we mitigate the budget
    1. In 2016 we had 2008 teachers, that has been reduced by 133 since Birks and this year with the additional 53 teachers it will bring our numbers down to1822; a reduction of  9%. 
    2. In 2016 we had 126 administrators, this number was reduced to 106 since Birks’s hire and 5 directors were reduced to 3.  There are currently two open positions for a CFO and a Chief of Staff.  This is an 19% reduction.
    3.  Out of the 12 million dollars that has been saved based on cuts, 4 million dollars has come from staff reduction.  The other savings have come from re-leveraging costs.
  2. 2nd Item to address:

2. How did administration come to decide who left their buildings?

  1. Contractually the language states that the school district has the right to transfer teachers without justification.
  2. The question was raised if teachers want to hear if the reason they were transferred was because they were the weakest teacher.  The opinion of those present was yes, they would prefer the transparency.
  3. What has past practice been for principal’s communication of information? Was there an audit on positions? Were people offered the opportunity to transfer before people were chosen for the transfer? Are we cutting positions or people?
  4. It was raised that the perception of staff is that this was not done fairly, equitably and ethically.  The perception is that it was done based on personal feelings, not based on what was best for the building.  That this was done in a way that produces anxiety and fear.  If teachers are not at their best, then they cannot perform at their best; therefore the students are not receiving the best.  There is research supporting that transferred teachers are not as effective as those who have not been transferred.
  5. Where are the real numbers?  Where is the criterion that was used?
  6. A letter is being drafted to address issues presented.
  7. Attorney Chester Presented
    1. Teachers are not interchangeable parts, relationships are built as are communities; however the district has the right to manage its enterprise.  Are the transfers made in the best interest of the school system?  Article 7 section B.  Layoffs are done by seniority, transfers are different.  Transfers can be done as long as it is with the best interest of the school system. 
    2. It was requested that we as a union publically demand evidence of their justification for transfers.  We would like the teval score, years of experience and degree status known.  This was agreed upon as a good idea.
    3. It was raised that 2 building stewards are on the list for transfer, is this best interest of school?  Contract language does protect this in the case of transfers.
    4. If a person of seniority is transferred out of their school, but there is no position available for that person, then the least senior person in that position is bumped.

V11. Adjournment

  • David Cicarella adjourned the meeting at 5:15pm


















Meeting minutes submitted by: Jennifer Chisholm