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Executive Board June 8, 2021

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

June 8, 2021

Present- D. Cicarella, P. Delucia, M. Solli, T. Criscuolo, M. Pantaleo, M. Gallagher, D. Low, R. Pompano (excused), M. Mazzacane, O. Hernandez, T. Harris (excused), J. Roth, A. Meadows, J. Steele, I. Festa, D. Ortiz, J.P. Wilson, J. Gonzalez, K. Wetmore, K. Distante, J. Leach, M. Maloney, M. Soares, E. Epps, R. Thomas, R. Augustine (excused), J. Graves, K. Morrison, K. Hopes-McFadden, N. Charest

Call to order at 3: 55pm

Motion to accept minutes from May meeting. Minutes are accepted and passed unanimously.

Committee Reports

Finance--Donation to the food bank for $500, and then a discussion of the line items in our financial documents featuring Quickbooks.

· Discussion around costs for filing legal fees and accountant for the COOP grievance.

· Various fees with significant costs are not yet included, including the NHFT taxes, LM2 report, etc.

· Questions around the cost of the COOP grievance ensued.

· Cost to do the redo NHFTpresidential election, ordered per the DOL, was also discussed as in May.

Grievance—Co-op HS SPMT minutes and agendas from the last six months will be called something else due to the fact that it was not a legitimate SPMT per our contract.


· Bill before the Legislature to give frontline workers hazard pay.

· The state is trying to ask for a continuation of not assigning a summative rating even after this year regarding teacher evaluation and to be collegial and more teamwork-oriented.

· Office for US Census Bureau asked AFT to assist and a teacher from COOP represented us well in this endeavor.

· Independent third party or arbitrator would be ideal for the SEED model.

· On our part for TEVAL in NHPS, if academic goals are met, this allows a “pass” regardless of an instructional manager’s opinion. This is being worked on also at the State level.

· Basic training on Connect is summer educator training and the keynote speaker is Miguel Cardona, Secretary of Education.

· AFT wants all to understand that if one pays for and completes a workshop at the summer institute, money can be reimbursed if a teacher presents at a subsequent AFT conference.

· The “death benefit” was dropped out of the bill and residual benefits for spouses are currently being estimated.

· The indoor quality act is being rewritten. BEST Portfolio is being pushed on seniors in college and AFT fights this because it tells us what we know and does not have a benefit. State has agreed that this year’s scores won’t be held against students.

· “Minimum age for kindergarten” bill has apparently died.

Security--Summer camps and staffing folks will retain their badges. Lists to Peter to give to Security Chief Reddish.


· Due to Covid, 250 teachers received accommodations, and for those being asked to return on April 26th, teachers had to take sick days in waiting for paperwork to be confirmed and processed as tedious and time consuming. Each request was on a case by case basis and based upon what is reasonable as to how teachers may get their sick days back or not, etc.

· The NHFT will make a request to HR director Lisa Mack that those who used their own sick time should have it reinstated.

· Pat DeLucia clarified that it behooves all to first work with HR and then potentially with the Labor Board over this unfair work situation, etc.; the filing with the EEOC and CHRO is on an individual basis and as a last resort.

· We would also have an MOU to not make this a precedent setting initiative or agreement related to the ADA accommodations and reinstatement of sick time.

Professional Time Plan (30 minutes beyond the student day to a max of 6 hours,45 minutes per the NHT contract)

· Conte West Hills, Clinton Ave.have/had requested the time plan change. 75% of teachers must agree to changes with the approval of the building leader by the end of May deadline and established processes overseen by NHFT. Dave will handle the process. Changes do not occur over the summer.


· District wants to have further PD--we have four CIAs a year per our current contract extension and have suggested Wednesdays. But teachers gave up a step raise this past year and we will not add staff meeting time after school for next year.

· Central office initially asked for Wednesdays for extra PD and compensate teachers for attendance. Also teachers cannot be compleled to show up for these after work meetings.

· The agreement was to have four days throughout the year there will- two hours each- of early release and will not extend beyond the teacher contractual work day of 6.75 hours.. The dates are Oct 20, Jan. 19, April 6, June 1.

New Business

· Motion on NHFT statement of support for BoE member Larry Conaway and some discussion ensued about whether Conway supports the NHFT and our teachers. When we see BoE votes, Larry Conway is frequently on the side of teachers but often is outvoted.

· Motion was voted on to support Conway’s appointment to the BOE and it passed with one no vote and one abstention.

· A question emerged on whether math intervention is a separate course pertaining to prep time or merely another aspect of a field of study requiring adjustments and deeper differentiation.

· Questions also were answered around clarity in terms of whether districts will ask all students to return for five days a week in the fall. The plan is for a full return but the caveat is that each district can determine whether there will be some remote learning.

· ESSER funds for “Covid loss” are being used for summer work for teachers including $45 an hour compensation for classroom teachers and $50 per hour for those designated as building leaders and the cost analysis has been done partially but still needs to be sent to the Board of Alders.

· Discussion occurred over teachers “working to frazzles” during a pandemic year and the district’s lack of planning, using “seat of the pants” decision-making all year and currently around future remote learning options or Wednesday PD.

· Conversation also ensued around district’s severe lack of substitute teachers and lack of nurses and how many teachers supported others to cover many classes at the expense of their own preps.

· Last comment were words of hope in the anticipation of leaving this “Covid Year” behind us and of seeing one another in person for our union work and socially as we move past this challenging year.