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Executive Board May 5, 2015



Call to order 3:50pm

Motion to accept minutes from April – 2nd and approved.

Committee Reports:

a.        Finance – P. Delucia – monthly reports are in committee members folders for review.

b.       Requests for donations- Fair Haven Community Health Ctr. $100 – approved

                                            CT Food Bank -$400- approved


Union will be represented at the NAACP Dinner by Dee Marshall and two students.


Grievance - Tom Burns – Nathan Hale special Ed student with violent history - Safety concerns for child and staff.  The Step 5 grievance paperwork has been submitted.


School Reform – Dave Cicarella –

a.         New rollout startup of citywide reform 2.0.  New committee representatives from SAA and parents.

b.       Please review memo sent from Dave C. and Mike Crocco on the 30 minute time plans.  Any questions call Dave or Tom.

c.        Teacher Survey – P. Delucia – Union and SAA could not come to a compromise over het roll-out of the results of some of the questions.  Superintendent Harries will not decide if survey will be used this year.  All other surveys (Student-staff-parent) are moving forward.

d.       Working groups will start up again.  Interested members should contact Tom Burns.

New Business – HSC will be coming out of the Commissioners Network after three years.  Superintendent Harries is considering a wide range of possible changes for next years.  Leadership team from HSC and the union are monitoring closely.  Dave will speak to the staff on Monday, May 11th.

Restorative Practices – Billy Johnson continues to lead the Union/AFT grant work.  45 teachers will be trained.  1st session is May 27th-28th at Amarantes (24 teachers) 21 more will be trained in October.

AFT Connecticut Convention – May 16th at the Aqua Turf.  Nine delegates will represent NHFT.

Congratulations to our President David Cicarella who will be awarded the AFT Presidents Award for the second time.

Old Business – The union will be meeting with Will Clark to discuss issues of concern that are not addressed in the contract (pg 91). More to follow.

Major building issues should be sent to Dave or Tom.

Union will sent out a video clip from AFT National with John Oliver about testing.  It’s a very powerful viewing.

There will be a rally Tuesday in Hartford May 12th.  Information for bussing has been sent out.  Contact Tom or Marianne Maloney if you are going.

Special thanks to Roberta Mazzucco for her years of service and dedication to the union and our students.

If you are considering running for positions in the Union election this December please contact Tom Burns.

Motion to adjourn at 5:10 pm