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Executive Board Meeting - October 5, 2021

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

October 5, 2021

Present- D. Cicarella, P. Delucia, M. Solli, T. Criscuolo, M. Pantaleo, M. Gallagher, D. Low, R. Pompano, M. Mazzacane, O. Hernandez, T. Harris, J. Roth, A. Meadows, J. Steele, I. Festa, D. Ortiz, J.P. Wilson, J. Gonzalez, K. Wetmore, K. Distante, J. Leach, M. Maloney, M. Soares, E. Epps, R. Thomas, R. Augustine, K. Hopes-McFadden, M. Breuler, P. Stricker

Call to order at 3: 42pm

Motion to accept minutes with corrections from September meeting. Motion to strike portion of minutes is made and carried unanimously.

Minutes with stricken portions are accepted and passed unanimously.

Committee Reports

Finance--Motion to make a donation to the food bank for $200 passes unanimously.

NHFT Retirees receive gifts by tradition as a token of appreciation for their service. The recommendation is for $50 per retiree. Discussion revolved around the 70-72 retirees over the last two years as to the folks who will receive the gift cards. The motion for gift cards to retirees passes.

Grievance Committee reports a violation at Sound School where teachers are not receiving their only contractual prep period in order to cover classes. Dave has spoken to the principal and Dr. Whyte and the grievance has been filed at Step 3. Proposal will be that when teachers cover and lose their prep periods, they will be paid. The records are accurate and there will hopefully be a simple resolution.

Class size issues have been resolved at Cross, Hillhouse, Nathan Hale and Clinton Avenue. MOUs have been drafted and will be implemented for all class size violations. As an FYI, class size violations no longer exist

without compensation for those teachers volunteering to take additional students and/or classes beyond the NHFT contract


Retired teachers of Hartford met with John Larsen and he was open to the issue of correcting the Windfall Penalty. Sen. Blumenthal is also looking to sponsor a bill to correct this as well. Jane Roth’s brother’s video on this issue was sent to all those who sit on Pre-K 12 at AFT -CT. California, Texas, Illinois and New Mexico along with Connecticut have this issue.

Security Meeting–Nothing to Report. No meeting was scheduled.

Treasurer’s Report

-A detailed line by line discussion of NHFT finances occurred.

Quickbook figures through September 30th, 9th month of the fiscal year. (end of 3rd quartile)

-Discussion around substitute teachers’ income because they pay dues as a sub chapter, charged $10/month. They can join at any time once they work 45 days.

-Administrative spending for the office staff and stipends are related to the officers, stewards and others who do work specific for the union.

-Questions around donations and charities, scholarships, etc.

-Other questions around office expenditures were also discussed.

The report was discussed and questions will be resolved after further review of the line items at the next meeting around equipment rental, contract services,and building repairs.


There was a disconnect around compliance for vaccinations.

Only those who have not sent in any verifications need to complete their vaccinations.


NHFT is asking for sick days to be returned to teachers who used them awaiting ADA approval.

Special Ed. Issues

A committee needs to be created with Executive Director Typhanie Jackson to bring together approximately 9-10 people in a working group with a representative of each of the various disciplines to speak to issues related to caseloads and hours of service to rectify concerns of teachers.


Aesop/Frontline alerts downtown that a sub needs to be posted.

Quarantining is a health dept. Issue and we do not use our time for quarantine per the NHFT contract.

New Business

Elections Committee recommendations are as follows:

Jen Sarja -- HSC

Mike Pavano -- Riverside

Dr. MIchele Bogart --Lincoln Bassett

Kari Martin at Ross Woodward, replaced by Courtney Sutherland of King Robinson

Anthony Sacco -- Metro

Motion is made and carries around the nomination by the president of the above elections committee.

October Meeting of the Stewards will have Chief Stewards nominations and voting at the November meeting.

District policy created that delineates teachers do not repeat the N word or F word when a student uses it. (or any “swear word,etc”)

Tom Cama was instrumental in getting Vanguard and Fidelity plans approved.

The Union will work with him and Bill Sudol to present monthly workshops on 401k, 403bs and 457s etc.

Discussion around stipends for extra work etc at schools.

Please get in writing details about the work and what the precise details of the agreements are so that there’s no ambiguity as to what the agreements are.

Questions around ad hoc committees and processes to discuss and then invite central office folks after NHFT-first discussions pertaining to special ed considerations.

Clarifications of the Elections Committee responsibilities.

TEVAL questions around the number of goals and measures.

Questions around a statement from Dave and Pat around clarifying the number of goals and indicators for TEVAL for all concerned.

Pre-K teachers are receiving younger and younger students…2yrs and 8 months…diaper change issues are resuming. What is the cutoff around potty training and age? Headstart regulations usually are followed by the district.

K-8 buildings without security–risk issues and questions around deployment of security. Administration’s job is to manage challenging behaviors. Security personnel is for violent behaviors and situations.

New Haven teachers do not sign in or sign out for their work. We do not punch a clock. Dave will contact Head Start.