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Executive Board Minutes December 1, 2020

Executive Board Minutes

December 1, 2020


Present- D. Cicarella, P. Delucia, M. Solli, M. Pantaleo, M. Gallagher, J. Roth, A. Meadows, D. Low, E. Epps, I. Festa, J.P. Wilson, J. Gonzalez, J. Steele, K. Distante, M. Maloney, M. Mazzacane, M. Soares, P. Stricker, R. Augustine, T. Criscuolo, T. Harris, K. C. Hopes-McFadden, R. Pompano, J. Leach, R. Thomas, J. Graves, D. Pantaleo


1. Call to Order at 3:35pm


2. Motion to accept minutes from November 2020

Motion made and seconded, accepted unanimously after discussion.


3. Committee Reports

· Finance

o A $250 donation request for the Wilbur Cross golf team was seconded. After no discussion, the motion carries.



· Treasurer’s Report


o We will make our final two per capita payments for 2020 after we receive the dues check from Payroll. A detailed report for year’s end with all line items, etc., will be presented to the Exec Bd for a full review which will be presented at the January Exec Bd meeting. This is a follow up to the same full report after the 3rd quarter presented to the Exec Bd in Oct.

· We may move the budget meeting back one week to the second Tuesday in January. Final budget work is done after December 31st. Statements from bank and investment are needed for all accounts which allow for a very accurate budget report. Those reports will not be available by January we will move the Exec Bd meeting back to Jan 12.


· In terms of an expected surplus, there have been many comments and questions from teachers—on advice of our accountant it is best not to have a surplus or deficit of more than 10%. The NHFT has been fiscally conservative and our policy is that we keep the budget’s surplus or deficit to 4%. We’ve had dues increases every year and the last time we raised dues was eight years ago—we have absorbed dues increases evry year and not passed these increases on to our members instead paying for them through

cost saving measures at the NHFT office. There is not a whole lot of discretionary money and most is used on our bi-annual parties.


Grievance Committee—


SPMT at CO-OP--Each group must choose their own group and it was done very much like a school governance committee. Dr. Whyte has been told to handle at the first meeting or the NHFT will file a grievance. The agenda must have each group choosing members, selecting chairs, and building agendas as our contract outlines.


Prek-K 12 Report--


Concerns about AFT and what it’s doing to be active in terms of return to classrooms. AFT meets weekly with Dr. Cardona, the Commissioner of Ed.

Many districts would like greater regulation, but the diversity of districts allows for the autonomy to keep local decision-making abilities.

DPH may adjust 14 day quarantine rule to a 10 day or 8 day rule such as in Europe.

We are not requiring teachers to come in during quarantine.


Positive COVID test—teacher quarantines for 10 days and those around you quarantine for 14 days.


Discussions around teachers not congregating in small spaces and CARES money priorities for Commissioner Cardona.


AFT-CT is offering a K-12 Science Standards workshop on 12/7/20 and a Mindfulness workshop on 12/16/20





-Safety committee hasn’t met during Covid.



4. Old Business-


Climate Initiative

Discussion of a proposal to have the NHFT support an initiative on climate change with a crafted letter of support on the issue of climate change as a significant component to a high school curriculum.


Motion made and seconded and approved unanimously on the NHFT supporting the climate change initiative.



5. New Business


Extension of school day or school year—such a change would take an act of the state legislature. This is the purview of state law and would require an onerous process and procedure to change.


Jan Hochadel, our AFT-CT President, is at every meeting with Commissioner Cardona and AFT has a permanent seat at those meetings.


CT Public School Advocates (sounds like New Haven Public Schools Advocates) sent out a flyer for teachers to take November 30th off and disingenuously used our survey and petition. The flyer suggested that we were working with them, when we are not. NHFT and AFT are concerned about the actions and behavior of such organizations which may co-opt our name in a back door manner by attaching our petition or survey to a flyer.


SRO—School Resource Officers and whether they should be assigned to schools is a topic for further discussion.


Q and A Session—


A mention was made of reports of schools that did not participate in the survey and supposedly there are corrections to a survey being made at the district level.


Discussions around money for those in need occurred. Because we are in a surplus situation, can we make a donation to a local organization?


Motion to make a donation of $1500 to the Food Bank is made, seconded and passes unanimously.


6. Motion to Adjourn—4:36 pm