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Executive Board Minutes Feb 4, 2021

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

February 4, 2021

Present- D. Cicarella, P. Delucia, M. Solli, M. Pantaleo,  M. Gallagher, J. Roth, A. Meadows, I. Festa, J.P. Wilson, J. Gonzalez, K. Wetmore, J. Steele, K. Distante, M. Maloney, M. Soares, E. Epps, P. Stricker, T. Criscuolo, R. Thomas, K. Hopes-McFadden, R. Augustine, M. Breuler


1. Call to order at 3:38pm


2.  Motion to accept minutes from December meeting. Motion made                           and seconded and accepted unanimously.


3. Committee Reports


Windows 7 is the operating system on office computers. They need to be updated to Windows 10. Discussion around computer hardware and software updates.

Arrangements made for four desktop PC’s and monitors and installation at a $5300 quote with all updates to Windows 10.

Motion to accept the bid, seconded and after discussion on bidding process, the motion carries and  approved unanimously.

In the ladies’ room at the NHFT/CLC  Office Building, there is black residue which turns out to be mold and it needs to be remediated. Stained ceiling tiles due to roof leaks also revealed mold in other areas of the building . After inspection by licensed contractor remediation work determined to be significant. The cost is to be shared equally by the NHFT and CLC  (co-building owners). Initial scope of work is $7,300.

Motion for mold removal made, seconded and discussion occurred around the causes of the mold, the pitch of the roof, drain backup in the walls, insurance coverage and whether that can pay for the issue, when the work will start, where this falls in the budget in the line item etc.

Motion carried unanimously to remediate mold.

Treasurer’s Report

Motion made to accept the End of the Year Report for 2020 after detailed discussion and examination. Motion seconded and approved unanimously. 


Co-op HS—We’re at Step 5—Arbitration of this grievance—

One last ditch effort meeting with the HR  to settle without going to arbitration. HR wants clarity and the next step would be arbitration. The issue was that the SPMT is not structured nor functioning as written in our contract.

PreK-12 Report 

Didn’t meet but the Legislature is meeting remotely this session. Issues we’re   pushing are AFT, CEA, paras and CEU are pushing so that the union coalition is stronger..they want a dedicated SEL curriculum, the TRB change to be reversed, and a clean air policy for schools. No local sessions planned but Teri Merisotis (AFT-CT) is looking into something for meeting potentially.



Nothing to report as there has been no meeting during Covid.


4.  Old Business

Discussion about continuing work around anti-racism as a union ensued with possibilities around group work or group readings etc. Perhaps we can develop committees around this work.

SRO Update

At a public forum along with surveys etc for school communities led to a consensus around how SROs will be utilized or as to their need. Schools which need the SROs will keep them, those schools where folks feel they do not may make other decisions around SROs.

Wednesdays during hybrid vs remote learning.

Clarification continues to happen around many questions from teachers and administrators. Dave attached a memo and the original PD plan to updates and email memos after discussion with Asst Superintendent Evie Velazquez.

On Wed, high school remain on a remote schedule, Prek-8 is a hybrid schedule where asynchronous learning is occuring all day. Once a month the Flex Time/PD Time is being reserved for additional unencumbered teacher preparation time. This is referenced in a joint memo from Asst Superintendent Evie Velazquez, SAA President Sequella Coleman, and NHFT President(Dave) and called TEACHER TIME in the memo. This memo has been sent to ALL.

5.  New Business

W-2 errors only if you have an HSA account. It has been resolved.

Angry phone calls around prescription coding errors with new id cards.. Anthem to their credit made sure that a generic medication was available to defer cost.

Discussion of call-in time for sick day notification. The absence can be put in weeks early for a doctor’s appointment. Simply contact the principal if the sickness occurs after the cutoff of 5:30am for AESOP. 

50 is the failing grade. Discussion revolved around that and its merits, accountability, etc. The school district can set the policy for grading and mastery etc.

Teachers of course assign the grades for individual assignments.

Question around half snow and half remote day possibilities which Dave and Pat will address.

Suggestions around remote days being asynchronous days will be addressed by Dave and Pat.

Dave and Pat will address the grading policy where 50 is the default grade for failing and whether the policy for a pandemic only..

A point was made that teachers have prolonged exposure to students, sometimes even when they are eating without masks, and so we should be recognized as essential workers who indeed wish to return but who require vaccinations and all mitigation efforts to return safely to school.


Motion to Adjourn 5:06 pm