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Executive Board Minutes October 7, 2014

Executive Board Minutes

October 7, 2014


Call to order 3:55 pm.

Motion to accept the minutes from September - 2nd and passed.

Reading of letter from AF to the NHFT in an effort to improve the working relationship.  Viewing of the AFT National Convention higlight disc.

Committee Reports - Finance - P. Delucia - Requests for donations - Fall basketball league and HSC donation to family who loss from fire - all approved.

TIP/PEP - T. Burns - All grant applications will be notified by Friday Oct. 10, 2014.  SSF (Comer) Student Support Facilitators Teacher training to begin this summer - more to follow.

Grievance - D. Cicarella - Ongoing class size issues at a few schools.  Most are being resolved.  The others will move forward in the grievance process.  All overages need to be reported to Dave or Tom.

New Business - Discussion on AF/NHFT letter draft union will continue discusssions with AF leaders.  Many differences will exist.

AFT National/Local has awarded the NHFT with a $150,000 Grant to being Restorative Practice program.  Many district and community leaders will work on the program.  More to follow.

Update on unionrun/teacher led HSC.

Chris Willems will head the "NHFT Community Action Now" committee.  Some of the committee goals will be:

  1. Outreach and partnerships
  2. Climate change
  3. PTSO/Parent university
  4. Communications (media, print, public forums)

If you are intersted contact

There is a new working group as called for on pg. 91 of the new contract that will address "unfinished contract business/issues".

New teacher social is being scheueled for late October early November.

A memo to all members will go out soon discussing sick bank donations.

Adjournment @ 5:30.