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Executive Board Minutes September 14, 2021

Executive Board Meeting Minutes
September 14, 2021
Present- D. Cicarella, P. Delucia, M. Solli, T. Criscuolo, M. Pantaleo, M. Gallagher, D. Low, R. Pompano (excused), M. Mazzacane, O. Hernandez, T. Harris (excused), J. Roth, A. Meadows, J. Steele, I. Festa, D. Ortiz, J.P. Wilson, J. Gonzalez, K. Wetmore, K. Distante, J. Leach, M. Maloney, M. Soares, E. Epps, R. Thomas, R. Augustine (excused), J. Graves, K. Hopes-McFadden, N. Charest

Call to order at 3: 34pm

Motion to accept minutes from June meeting. Minutes are accepted and passed unanimously.

Committee Reports

Finance--Motion to make a donation to the food bank for $250 for Wilbur Cross Golf Team carried unanimously.

Treasurer Mike Pantaleo says there’s nothing unusual with the finances. He also inquired about the holiday party at the Omni Hotel (refund from deposit from last year was requested and returned to NHFT) .

At the October Executive Board meeting a detailed report with a line by line analysis of spending will be presented.

Grievance Committee reports class size violations have been settled outside of arbitration. Again this year, all teachers with class size violations that were reported and confirmed by the NHFT and central office have these teachers being compensated with Dave drafting MOU’s to be agreed to and signed by the teacher,the NHFT, and the superintendent.
Contract language is clear, thus no past precedent can exist around class size overages.


Questions around quarantine students and teachers asked to work remotely for them . Dr. Tracey brought up the issue of instructing students in quarantine with the BOE at the last meeting. Dave met and insisted teachers working remotely with quarantined students and with the remainder of their class in person, would have to agree to do so and agree to the compensation. TEVAL will be the same as formerly in NHPS--Goals by October, although the State has decided to keep their TEVALs the same as last year during Covid.

AFT Website has:

Dallio Group has interviewed teachers locally and Jonathan Berryman from Barnard was interviewed and did an amazing job of representing New Haven.

Windfall benefit was denied recently by Congress. KTUV in Oakland will speak about the windfall benefit’s failure in the Congress. 26 states are involved in this protest of the windfall exemption.

Security-- no report

New questions on Covid will be culled by Pat and sent to Dr. Whyte for consideration and answered.


The NHFT will make a request to HR director Lisa Mack that those who used their own sick time should have it reinstated. Principal will need to confirm that teachers were in fact teaching during that time. Dave Low assisted with this process.

Sick days have been promised to those teachers that worked and charged sick days during the time the ADA request was working its way through HR.

The tedious or delayed responses for replies to ADA accommodations (for instance, over a month) from HR will be assessed individually.
Mask wearing issues concerning students in a high school. Dr. Whyte said that all should be wearing masks as part of the code of conduct.
Teachers should not be leapfrogging the principal. I.e. report to the principal for administrative action.

Math Supervisor sent an apparently rude email asking teachers to turn cameras on. It’s not an unreasonable request, but the concern is the verbiage was reported as unprofessional.

Monthly staff meetings will be left to principals’ discretion--virtual or in person. There is no dictate to every principal to do one or the other. If there is a compelling reason to have a meeting in person, then that may be deemed necessary (i.e., touring the building).

NHFT will request Dr. Tracey and ask for virtual meetings.
Open houses for K-8 and high school are virtual.

Stewards’ election is coming up via Google Forms. First meeting will be the 28th.
Four schools had contested elections.

Still being discussed. NHFT's position is that whether after school, hourly rate must be paid--if during school, there is nothing in the contract about teaching virtually. Agreement on compensation would need to be reached.

New Business

Opportunities to move forward into the 21st Century rather than staying back in 1937.

Discussion occurred around Conaway’s following process rather than going off script as other BoE members often will. Question was raised whether it’s a benefit to write the letter in an explicit fashion and would such a move undermine support for Conway by some if he’s perceived as being “for teachers”.

Questions around busses and dismissal and shortage of bus drivers which requires teachers to stay in school.

Teachers who always leave early and come late...if a teacher asks to leave early or come late, principals can ask for time to be made up. It’s a “two- way street.”- Give a bit and get a bit.

In the third week, it can’t be that teachers who volunteer to stay with kids late for busses. It cannot continue. There will need to be a place for kids to be housed while waiting for late buses so teachers can leave at their contractual time.

ADA Question around whether teachers can receive compensation if they posted lessons rather than actually taught awaiting approval. Paperwork etc can be submitted for compensation post haste.

Dave has suggested gift cards for those who retired in Year 2020 and 2021. Because of COVID this has been delayed.

Discussion occurred around the total number of students for high school students and the teacher caseload.

Further discussion around balloting for stewards elections.

Questions around the schedule at Ross Woodward where teachers have two specials for the entire school year. In the spring there will be gym. Fall speciality is music, for example.

Questions around caseloads for pullout or push- in programs etc.

Union card questions; questions around cards as to who is running for stewards in each building; bus duty questions related to staying late. We don’t want to be in a practical precedent situation where there’s pressure to stay beyond the contract.

Comments around ECAT caseloads with severe autism. Questions around caps of 10 for these caseloads.

Motion to Adjourn at 5:25pm