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Executive Board November 10, 2020

Executive Board Minutes

November 10, 2020


Present- D. Cicarella, P. Delucia, M. Solli, M. Pantaleo, M. Gallagher, J. Roth, A. Meadows, D. Low, D. Ortiz, E. Epps, I. Festa, J.P. Wilson, J. Gonzalez, J. Steele, K. Distante, K. Wetmore, M. Maloney, M. Mazzacane, M. Soares, P. Stricker, R. Augustine, T. Criscuolo, T. Harris, O. Hernandez, K. C. Hopes-McFadden, R. Pompano, J. W. Jackson, J. Leach, K. Morrison, R. Thomas, S. Nkata,


1. Call to Order at 3:38pm


2. Motion to accept minutes from October 2020

Motion made and seconded, accepted unanimously after discussion to fix typo with word “special” to “specials”


3. Committee Reports

· Finance – Donation of 1,000 dollars to the CT Food Bank approved unanimously.



· Treasurer- Reserve money in savings account. Can make a double per capita payment upon receipt of the November dues check from Payroll. All line items within budget. Very detailed QuickBooks report will be done for the End of the Year Report. We continue to pay office staff in full —Florence, Anna and Meri. As an FYI, many other union offices have been forced to lay off their workers. Suggestion for End of the Year Report for 2020 and 2021 Budget to be presented at the January 2021 Executive Board meeting.


· Grievance—none pending as class size over enrollment issues resulted in teachers receiving payment for class size violations. One being worked on is SPMT issue at Co-op HS. May need to bring this one to arbitration.

· School Reform—nothing new, be sure to complete TEVAL on a narrative SEL goal.


· PreK-12—local and national election focus. R. Weingarten did a country-wide bus tour. Backus Hospital nurses went out because of a lack of PPE and the hospital closure issues. FFCRA (Families First Corona Relief Act) ends 12/31/20 . Workshops from CREC on 11/19 for Sped alternate route to certification. K-3 teachers required to do surveys every three years on reading which has been pushed back due to Covid…window open December 1st through May.


· Security—NHPS Safety Committee did not meet.


4. Old Business

· Building Reports (Health and Safety)—Seven schools have reported particular issues but nothing of major concern at this point. HVAC and other issues were observed by Dave and Pat. Dave will speak at the BOE to ensure that safety protocols are in place in all buildings now that we have time to ensure safety as we are in remote.


· Support Services Assessments /Evaluations—Social Workers, Psychologists, Speech Pathologists have been requested to return to do in person testing. Dave spoke Director of Student Services on this issue. Teachers can return on a voluntary basis. The SDE does not require in person testing, but allows districts to make individual decisions. We want to ensure that the support teachers have all PPE and protective equipment etc. in place should volunteers return for testing. Pat reported that some assessments can be done remotely.


· Education Climate Initiative Update- the “ask” is to sign the petition and then to compose a letter of support for the Initiative from the Eboard. Discussions around whether we want to put our collective or individual voices behind the climate initiative and other initiatives. Do we bolster initiatives with a union voice or an individual voice



5. New Business

Questions on TEVAL, Family Engagement Goals, Professional Development, SEL goals etc.

We only need ONE category---getting families involved Is a possible suggestion.

Marianne suggests leaving academic goals and family engagement goals blank on the TEVAL form.

Marianne will seek clarification with Dr. Sherban around the TEVAL form and its component parts and which to fill out In conversation with instructional managers.

Teacher and IM can agree to an academic goal OR an SEL goal.

Discussions occurred on the eventual reopening and questions around preparations were also asked in terms of masks, shields, replenishment of COVID supplies , etc.

Questions around LINCSpring due dates.Five modules or cycles in LINCSpring need to be completed by May 31 according to the district.

Questions and discussion ensued on entering quarterly and assignment grades into Powerschool as being updated weekly. Teachers are not asked to grade in Google Classroom and thus grade twice, doing double work.

Dave will discuss the $680,000 program to combine the Google grades with Powerschool.

Teachers were asked to complete cycles by particular time frames for LINCSpring and so clarification needs to occur at a district level around this.

Dave Cicarella suggested that maybe Onboarding and SEL LINCSpring cycles may be useful and had district level talks around the compulsory vs individualized aspects of LINCSpring.

There was a report of some who are out on ADA who have been asked to complete a LINCSring cycle on hybrid learning, which seems a bit illogical.

Attendance requests from the SDE were around being taken twice daily and updated/adjusted the next day.


6. Motion to Adjourn—5:01pm