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Executive Board October 2018


Executive Board

Minutes for October 2, 2018


Attendance: Dave Cicarella, Tom Burns, Mike Pantaleo, Kris Wetmore,                  Marianne Maloney, MarcAnthony Solli, Derek Stephenson, Mike Mazzacane, Jen Wells-Jackson, J. Peter Wilson, Steve Mikolike, Ray Pompano, Iris Festa, Pam Striker, Erika McDaniel, Angela Dusa, Todney Harris, Derlene Ortiz, Joe Steele, Jennifer Chisolm, Tracy Paige-Harris, Reggie Augustine, Dave Low, Chris Willems (guest), Davis Weinrab           

Motion to accept the minutes from September – 2nd and passed.

The steward situation at Hillhouse was reviewed; The Executive Board reaffirmed its decision of May 2018.

Tom Burns presented a brief history of the NHFT in relationship with the NHBOE. He urged strengthened collaboration and an Action Plan going forward was discussed. Dave C. will invite Dr. Birks to the next Executive Board meeting. Tom will pursue reviving the CEPC. Dave will continue to pursue release of the 2017-2018 Climate Survey (Dr. Birks is supportive of the release; will follow up with Catherine McCaislin.)

Other suggestions included:

·         Advocating for increased transparency by the BOE

·         Increased involvement with community/families

·         Advocacy for Education initiatives

·         Teacher wellness survey

·         NHFT presence in buildings

·         Support of a retired teacher candidacy for the upcoming BOE vacancy.

·         Reworking/retraining for Restorative Practices – ineffective in many locations


Adjourn 5:15 pm