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Executive Board October 6, 2020

NHFT Executive Board Minutes 10/6/2020

Present- D. Cicarella, P. Delucia, M. Solli, M. Pantaleo, M. Gallagher, J. Roth, A. Meadows, D. Low, D. Ortiz, E. Epps, I. Festa, J.P. Wilson, J. Gonzalez, J. Steele,

K. Distante, K. Wetmore, M. Maloney, M. Mazzacane, M. Soares, P. Stricker,

R. Augustine, T. Criscuolo, T. Harris, O. Hernandez, D. Weinreb, C. Heiter, K. O’Keefe, C. Williams, M. Breuler, Z. Collier, T. Merritt, K. Besemer, K. C. Hopes-McFadden

Call to Order at 3:35pm

Motion to accept minutes from September meeting


Motion seconded

Discussion ensued around ten weeks and OSHA and whether it should be stricken from the minutes in light of the health department and the third party operator actually doing the evaluations and inspections of buildings.

Motion to accept edited minutes from September passes unanimously.

Committee Reports


-Figures through September 30, 2020, around ¾ of the year’s budget is presented by President Cicarella

-Discussion on dues and substitute teachers ensued.

-Discussion occurred around transparency regarding stewards’ and Eboard member’s stipends of $725 for each position.

-Some stewards positions are voluntary in other districts.

-Clarification on the budget’s narrative is often at the January or February meeting and in Quickbooks all aspects are specifically itemized in terms of expenditures, credits and debits.

·         Treasurer’s Report

Nurses and substitute teachers’ dues are up to date.

·         Grievance

Discussion of previous grievance at Co-op HS as to the SPMT process and procedures. Agreement reached that SPMT will be reviewed and any outstanding compliance issues implemented this year.

·         PreK-12

-NHPS has joined a program supported by AFT called Educators Rising, a group directed at recruiting teachers of color providing scholarships and incentives for high school students , following them into college,who may be interested in a career in education.

·         Teacher Prep

Teachers are entitled to unencumbered preparation time and a duty free lunch. The  contract language is the same for remote learning. It will be the same in hybrid as well. Prep and lunch time does NOT change regardless of hybrid or remote learning.

·         “Recording” of classes is not to be confused with “live” Zoom or Google Meet classes.


New web cameras have been ordered and paid through a grant.


New Business


-Dave Weinreb spoke on the Yale Fair Share/Respect New Haven Coalition Petition which the NHFT has signed on to a couple of month’s ago. It is hoped that on Thursday October 22, 2020, the NHFT would promote an event on Zoom via an update exclusively for members.

-Mike Soares spoke to the Climate Change concern and presented a letter from the New Haven Climate Movement soliciting the solidarity of the NHFT and encouraged inviting a member of the movement to present before the Executive Board.

As an FYI,  Tom Burns has filed a civil suit against AFT National, AFT-CT, and the NHFT and against all three presidents of each organization.


There are volunteer teachers who will enter buildings to proctor these standardized exams October 14, 2020. The in-school one will be conducted through volunteers. Pat and Dave will discuss the exam proctoring further with Dr. Tracey

Concerns about hybrid teaching around special. The CSDE has made the concession that some teachers may work outside of their certification during this Covid crisis.

It was discussed that Cohort A, Cohort B and fully remote students require certain clear teacher expectations from the district.

In person testing for school psychologist, etc will be with plexiglass, masks and other PPE. If there are any questions at all, teachers should reach out to Dave or Pat.

-ADA—Human Resources has given written confirmation to approximately half of our members who requested an accommodation. In some cases, if the teacher has not heard from HR, they’re awaiting doctor accommodation.

-Two grade 5 teachers are being paid for class size overages. As per past practice, Dave secures an MOU with the details of the compensation specified.

-PD tech stipends for summer work was at $15/hr instead of $32/hr and this has been rectified by the NHFT relatively quickly.

Discussion of who will watch the isolation rooms ensued.

Leaves of absences—when a teacher is on leave…put in five days of lessons and that fulfills the responsibility. No different than the usual expectation during the school year.

AFT informed NHFT that there is “flexibility” per the CSDE for TEVAL.  A memo has been sent to all teachers to explain the flexibilities adopted by theNHPS.

Administrators can  to ask for videos to be on during ZOOM staff meetings.


Q and A- Open Forum-



Google Meet is the NHPS platform to use for teachers when working with students.


It is not necessary to record a lesson(s). It is teacher discretion whether to record a lesson for students.


Will teachers be asked to go in on Wednesdays during deep cleaning during the hybrid schedule? If the building is safe and clean and it’s verified, that is possible.


If quarantined, are teachers teaching remotely? Need a district clarification on that.


Teaching remote and in person students at the same time…we can grow into the ability to work with both groups simultaneously according to Asst Superintendent Velasquez. The NHFT will continue to monitor those expectation.



District is looking at the possibility of 50/50 teaching in various buildings, some teachers will be assigned  at-home students and others the in person students. Those with ADA accommodations may be able to do the remote completely. Looking at different options potentially on the split of at home and in person, one teacher for each component.



NHFT will stay remote for Executive Board meetings when hybrid schedule occurs.


Dave Cicarella and Pat DeLucia will address issues of pressure exerted by principals on teachers regarding attendance of students.


If teachers are absent for more than one day ,  we can leave work or share our Google Classroom with substitutes.


Meeting ended at 5:15