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Stewards Meeting November 19, 2019

Stewards Meeting

Meeting Minutes



1. Call to order

· Chief Steward Marianne Maloney called to order the regular meeting of the Stewards meeting at 3:54 pm


11. Motion to accept minutes from October 22nd, 2019

· Meeting minutes accepted


111. Chief Steward Report


· Christmas Party is set for December 6th. Sign up will be coming out this week. The party will be held at the Omni Hotel and discounted room and parking will be available to all who attend.

· If you are interested in any AFT workshops the person to email is

· TEVAL: All goal setting meetings should have taken place. If you are having issues contact Dave. The Math Department has given “suggested goals” to teachers. This is not mandatory, it is simply a suggestion.

· H.R. 4. Hist. Disc. Dist/Apply Dept.

Student citizenship in the past was granted if they attended school through 12th grade. This is being argued and has not been decided on yet.

· Nominations and Voting for Chief Steward. Marianne Maloney was nominated and unanimously voted as our Chief Steward.

· New Legislation: Public Act Number Bill Number Public Act Title PA 19-12 HB 7082 An Act Concerning the Inclusion of Black and Latino Studies in the Public School Curriculum

a. 19-58 SB 854 An Act Promoting Careers in Public School Students and Establishing a Task Force to Study the Demand for Career and Technical Education Teachers

b. PA 19-60 SB 922 An Act Allowing Students to Apply Sunscreen Prior Students to Engaging in Outdoor Activities

c. PA 19-63 SB 956 An Act Concerning Guidelines for a Comprehensive School Counselor Program. All students must have access to a school counselor K-12.

d. PA 19-74 SB 1022 An Act Concerning Minority Teacher Recruitment and Retention

e. PA 19-128 SB 957 An Act Concerning Computer Science Instruction in Public Schools. Computer programming must be implemented for all students.

f. PA 19-139 HB 7113 An Act Concerning Education Issues

g. PA 19-166 HB 7215 An Act Concerning School Climates

h. PA 19-173 HB 7250 An Act Concerning the Inclusion of Additional Time Devoted to Undirected Play to the Regular School Day

i. PA 19-184 HB 7353 An Act Concerning the Provision of Special Education

1V. Safety and Security

· New badges are on hold.

· NHPD is no longer responding to calls at schools where there are children under the age of 12. Next steps for NHPS is being discussed.

V. President Report

· All TEVAL goals must be mutually agreed upon. If you feel you are not in agreement with the goals set, do not wait to report this.

· LGBTQ and David Weinreb will be offering trainings to staff. The union will provide support for this initiative i.e. use of the union office space for these trainings, coffee and a light snack, etc.

· Five members have been unanimously elected to the Election Committee for the re-run election. The members are Jennifer Ortiz,(Columbus K-8), Stephanie White(Quinn K-4), Anthony Sacco(Metro HS), Breanna Evans (Celentano K-8),and Ray Criscuolo(Wilbur Cross HS)


New Business

· If we wish to grieve something, we must comply and then grieve. We do not want to be insubordinate. We must comply with the request/task given first and then grieve. If a principal asks to meet with you, you have the right to ask if it is disciplinary and ask for union representation if it is. You are allowed to ask for 24 hours to prepare for the meeting and be told the purpose of the meeting.

· Mold remediation requests/concerns that have not been answered can be given to P. Wilson, Pat, or Dave or Conn/OSHA can be called directly.


V11. Adjournment

· David Cicarella adjourned the meeting at 4:47pm