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Stewards Meeting Sept. 28, 2021

Stewards Meeting Minutes
September 28, 2021
Present- D. Cicarella, P. Delucia, M. Solli, M. Maloney, C. Heiter, I. Festa, J. Sarja, J.P, Wilson, J. Roth, J. Maselli, J. Graves, J, Wells-Jackson, J. Robinson, J. Drymiller, J. Gonzalez, J. Leach, K. O’Keefe, K. Meinsen, K. Coyle, K. Hopes-McFadden, K. Wetmore, K. Hebert, K. Rodriguez, L. Dillon, M. Galante, M. Commando, M. Seeger, M. Gallagher, M. Breuler, M. Pavano, M. Soares, K. Pappas, R, Repko, R. Plourde, S. Whelan, S. Siena, S. Flynn, S. Boutin, T. Shortt, T, Criscuolo, T. Parillo, Z. Collier.

Call to order at 3: 43pm

Motion to accept minutes from May meeting. Minutes are accepted and passed unanimously.

Newly Elected Stewards:

Karlen Meinsen - Celentano
Kristen Hebert - East Rock

Ryan Plourde - Edgewood

Tim Shortt - Hooker

Jen Sarja–HSC

Kim Pappas - John C. Martinez(K-8)

You write your goals in teval…reasonable goals that are rigorous and attainable. Have a professional conversation with the IM..
-Chief steward election next month
-Think about running.

AFT is urging teachers to comply with vaccination requirements and protocols.

“Windfall benefit” for retirees was denied recently by Congress. Jane Roth’s brother who works at KTUV in Oakland spoke about the windfall benefit’s failure in the Congress. 26 states are involved in this protest of the windfall exemption. A $20,000 year hit is often taken or a $30,000/year hit for those with a spouse in terms of losing the retirement benefit.

Committee questions around quarantine students and teachers who are asked to work remotely for them.

Dr. Tracey would love to have some vehicle to work remotely for such students per the recent BOE meeting.

Committee on how to fairly evaluate sped teachers–

AFT CT Workshops– support for students with disabilities

30th..John Larsen will speak on Soc Sec windfall.

Sat 23 rd workshop - Egidio Retirement Seminar

President’s Report

Stewards election
Stewards’ election occurred via Google Forms. First meeting will be the 28th.

Executive Board elections in Nov-Dec. All offices

Grievance Committee - all class size overnerollment were fixed promptly and adjusted to adhere to the contractual limit. All outstanding cases of over enrollment (5 schools) have been settled outside of arbitration as Dave negotiated MOU’s for compensation for each teacher. In all cases teachers must agree to the compensation and have done so.
Contract language is clear, thus no past precedent can exist around class size overages.

Three teachers at Cross--three teachers have been asked to take a sixth class and they have agreed to the compensation negotiated. Four teachers at Hillhouse also.

Check updates on the 933 Website frequently.ADA--

The NHFT will make a request that those who used their own sick time should have it reinstated. (request sent to HR) Principal will need to confirm that teachers were in fact teaching during that time. If not we will look at the timeline from when the request was made until the ADA was approved.

The tedious or delayed responses for replies to ADA accommodations (for instance, over a month) from HR will be assessed individually. A determination must be made if HR engaged actively and in a timely manner,etc.

Holiday Party was discussed.

6 hrs and 15 minutes Student day –in 2014 we added the professional time plan.
30 minute time plan in place goes from one year to the next and in order to change, it must happen by May with 75% of the staff and agreement by leadership.

Teacher has no teaching responsibilities when out on FMLA.

Union is working with Verity Assessment Management and Tom Cama to provide online workshops for 401ks 457s and 403b plans etc.

New Business

Class size issues
Must be an agreement between the district and the teacher in terms of an MOU etc to take on the extra students beyond the contract language.

Comments around Special Ed caseloads. There are 17 vacancies in the Sp Ed dept. Perhaps issues can be addressed by caseload concerns in terms of hours required etc.

Block prep times discussed.

All the Governor’s vaccine mandates and protocols as well as the BoEs are verified and discussed with AFT National and AFT CT to make sure we are protecting all our members rights.

Motion to Adjourn at 5:15pm