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Stewards Minutes 11-17-2020


November 17, 2020


In attendance-


D. Cicarella, M. Solli, J. Graves, C. Heiter, K. Hopes-McFadden, J. Roth,

J. Gonzalez, M. Maloney, M. Comando, J. Maselli, A. Meadows, B. Wolak, D. Canzanella, I. Festa, J. Dinan, J. Robinson, J. Drymiller, J. P. Wilson, J. Leach, K. O’Keefe, K. Wetmore, K, Hebert, L. DellaPietra, L, Nusdeu, M. Galante, M. Seeger, M. Gallagher, M. Breuler, M. Pavano, M. Soares, R. Repko, S. Whelan, S. Davis, S. Siena, S. Flynn, S. Boutin, T. Criscuolo, T. Parillo, Z. Collier, K. Distante, K. Morrison, S. Raffone, V. Squeglia, K. Rodriguez, K. Cudworth



Call to Order by David Cicarella at 3:34pm


Motion to accept October minutes made, seconded and approved unanimously.


Old Business


Please update new membership (email) to Florence, including personal emails.


TEVAL-Discussion around the three fields in the form and that only the first is the goal, which is advised to be an SEL goal.


The evaluation this year is in narrative form and the summative response of the teacher should likewise be in narrative form.


Discussion of the fields for Parent and Community Engagement ensued with suggestions from attendees.


AFT Report


COVID phone app and questions surrounding the privacy of the app were discussed. It is a voluntary app to allow the state to contact trace during the pandemic and does not store private data but only allows phone to phone codes to be used to trace exposures to COVID and alert those who should be quarantined etc.


 Survey on Reading Instruction and other assessments have had due dates extended by the SDE during Covid.


 FFCRA Update/Reminders-


     Upcoming workshops:

  • 11/19 (5-7) Working with Students with ADHD
  • 11/19 (4-5:30) CREC: Alternate Route to SPED certification
  • 12/7 (5-6:15) Next Generation Science Standards (K-3)
  • 12/16 (5-6) Virtual Mindfulness for Educators



President’s Report


TEVAL is a process around professional conversations by design solely between an instructional manager and the teacher.(reminder as to protocol)


Approval of ADA claims are still being processed for teachers.


LINCSpring due dates have changed regarding when cycle completion should be done (May 31st). The district has made a decision, which will be communicated to administrators, that all five cycles will need to be completed but self paced by teachers, culminating in a due date of May 31st for cycle completion.


Safety of buildings can now be accomplished at a deliberate pace since we have not returned to schools on November 9th.


Sick Bank – Memo sent to all tenured teachers wit details for voluntary enrollment in the sick bank.



New Business and Q and A Period



100 or so social workers, speech pathologists, and psychologists have contacted the NHFT for support to test students as required using Central Office and other locations as a hubs for testing. COVID concerns have been and continue as it relates to this “in-person” testing.


In terms of grading, a discussion ensued around developing a potential grade designated as “NR” for “Not Ready” or “NG” for “No Grade” in terms of students who are not accessible through technology via remote learning or who have produced no evidence worthy of evaluation for a realistic grade.


It was clarified that the teacher, per the NHFT contract, assigns the grade and is the ultimate decision maker in this respect. Responsibilities in terms of teacher communication to parents/students was shared and discussed.


Discussion ensued around student engagement in a remote virtual environment and the request for clarity around what specifically should be a teacher’s responsibility should a student disrupt the virtual environment in egregious fashions (profanities, sexual misconduct, etc.)


Discussion as to while some can argue that 3% of our students are disengaged and is a concern, the vast majority of students, i.e.  97%+ are engaged daily by teachers in their virtual classes- a testament to the adaptability and professionalism of our members.


Clarity will be sought by union leadership around school parades scheduled for December 8,9, especially regarding safety concerns.


Motion to Adjourn  at 4:30pm