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Stewards Minutes 9-15-2020

NHFT Stewards

Meeting Minutes



I.           Call to Order

  • Marianne Maloney called to order the regular meeting of the Stewards Assembly at 3:38pm


II.        Motion to approve minutes of June meeting.

  • Motion to accept minutes of previous month’s meeting; with no discussion, the motion passes unanimously.


III.        AFT-CT Report

  • Chief Steward Marianne Maloney reported that all AFT officers are meeting with Dr. Cardona and at times with Governor Lamont and other members of CEA.


  • If delivering “live” and in person instruction, face mask AND shield are required according to Dr. Cardona, with very limited areas of exception.


  • Teachers’ union “Car Caravans” on safe openings were successful statewide.


  • According to surveys, teachers overwhelmingly want to be in buildings, but only when they are SAFE.


IV. Contract and Elm City Montessori


  • President David Cicarella spoke to the contract vote from summer which had 80% approval by NHFT members.


  • David Cicarella clarified top step raises and involuntary transfer language in new contract.


  • Building to building transfers cannot occur under our contract--a few ELL teachers and instructional coaches were scheduled for transfer, but then remained in their previous assignment after Dave contacted central office; some were VOLUNTARY transfers.



  • Discussion ensued around Elm City Montessori teachers desiring to return to school early.

Air ducts were cleaned, air balanced, and checklist from BoE completed and signed by administrators at ECM.

Steward Jen Langlois of Elm City Montessori spoke to the decision to return on the 30th of September.


  • David Cicarella spoke to the issue of the confusion about the perceived agreement to allow teachers to return to schools for Special Ed and ELL students.

It went inexplicably from an understood discussion to a fully completed plan drafted for BOE approval and then voted on by the BOE…

The decision to further discussion became a full draft proposal which the BOE voted upon.


V. New Business and Q and A Session


  • It was discussed that the Health and Safety Committee had conversations with Mike Pinto, and that buildings are not yet fully ready because MERV 13 filters have not been delivered, perhaps not until October. In some buildings ventilation through open windows, etc. will be employed.


  • It was also clarified that teachers cannot compel students to turn on cameras etc. or punish students if they do not reveal themselves.

Teachers may be asked to have their cameras on for PD or staff meetings as a nod to professionalism.


  • A conversation ensued around HVAC preparation in buildings and recommended walkthroughs by officials.


  • Those who applied for ADA accommodations and physicians have provided required documentation have received written approval via email from HR.

In some cases, remote learning may be granted through ADA. Some approvals are still pending.


  • President Cicarella clarified that Wednesday will be the off day for planning and PD time during hybrid. Because we’re fully remote presently, Wednesday is a half day with students.

Dave will address the issue of Wednesday schedules during hybrid with the Asst Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction.


  • It was again stated that “Advisory” is not a period for delivery of instruction.


  • IF buildings are determined to be safe, teachers will return because the extensive and thorough threshold for health and safety that have been agreed upon will have been met.


  • Teachers do not have to be in the building during remote learning.


  • Sick days may not be counted against teachers if the illness is determined to be COVID 19 and transmitted at school.


  • Chief Steward Maloney clarified that legally--The union cannot work against its own members because some members may feel others are working harder or have more responsibility.


  • Questions and concerns were addressed about being online from 9:30am-3:30pm except for lunch and what the spirit of the Columbia University recommendations suggests in terms of screen time.


  • President Cicarella and Vice-President DeLucia will seek language, answers and clarity on matters regarding special education considerations and whether those legally bonded to IEPs must also show up to buildings for support as well as such questions around enrichment teachers.


  • Pat DeLucia suggested that members seek out either himself or David Cicarella for reminders to questions etc…


  • Motion to adjourn and unanimously accepted at 5:22pm



In attendance—




David Cicarella


Pat DeLucia



MarcAnthony Solli


Marianne Maloney


J. Peter Wilson


Jenn Maselli


Michael Mazzacane


Toni Criscuolo


Al Meadows


Beth Wolak


Allan Solis


Lorraine Nusdeu


Cindy Heiter


Doreen C.




Iris Festa


Jennifer Dinan


Jennifer Graves


Jennifer Langlois


Joseph Gonzalez


Kara Distante


Karissa O’Keefe


Kathleen Morrison


Kirsten Hopes-McFadden


Kristen Hebert


Maura Galante


Melanie Seeger


Melody Gallagher


Mia Breuler


Michael Soares


Scott Raffone


Sean Whelan


Stephen Siena


Steve Flynn


Susan Sloan


Suzette Boutin


Kristin  Wetmore