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Tenure Revisions


·         Grants tenure after four academic years (forty months, provided teachers have to achieve a record of “effective” practice as informed by their evaluation. 

·         Due process timelines for non-renewal of non-tenured teachers are shortened and the hearing goes from being held before a panel to a single officer.  

·         “Ineffectiveness” is added as a criterion to dismiss tenured teachers. 

·         Tightens timelines (see chart below) and has the hearing in front of a single officer. 

·         For dismissal based on a charge of ineffectiveness, the hearing shall address whether there was good faith, whether evaluation was in accord with the program and whether the charge is reasonable.  Each side has six hours to present their case.

·         Teachers can still appeal an arbitrator ruling to the Superior Court. 


Teacher Termination Process


Deadlines Under Current Law

Deadline Changes Under the Bill

School board notifies teacher in writing that it is considering termination or a nontenured teacher that his or her contract will not be renewed

? Termination notice: Anytime

? Nonrenewal notice: By May 1 annually

No change

Teacher files written request asking the board to state its reasons for the action

Tenured teacher: 7 days after receiving notice

Nontenured teacher: No time limit

? Termination: Not applicable (bill requires termination notice to state reasons)

? Nonrenewal: Within three days after receiving the notice

Board notifies teacher in writing of reasons.

7 days after board receives request.

? Termination: Not applicable

? Nonrenewal: Within four days after the board receives the request

Teacher files written request for a hearing

Within 20 days after teacher receives termination or nonrenewal notice.

Within 10 days after the teacher receives the notice

Hearings begin (Hearings may be public at the teacher's request or if designated by the board or hearing officer. The teacher may appear and be represented by counsel.)

Within 15 days after the board receives the hearing request; parties may mutually agree to extend this deadline for a maximum of 15 days

Specifies calendar days

Time limits on testimony and evidence


? Six hours for each side; 12 hours total

? Board, board subcommittee, or hearing officer may extend the time for good cause

Board subcommittee or hearing officer submits written findings and recommendations to the full board concerning the case and sends a copy to the teacher

Within 75 days after the hearing request unless the parties agree to extend for a maximum of 15 days

Within 45 calendar days after the hearing request unless the parties agree to extend for a maximum of 15 calendar days

Board gives teacher its written decision

Within 15 days of receiving the recommendations or, if the hearing takes place before the full board, within 15 days after the close of the hearing.

Specifies calendar days.

Maximum Time From Notice to Termination

125 Days

85 Days